"Muscle testing was all the rage in 5000BC, let's return to the Light Ages." Cynthia Segal

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Your To~Do List for Everyday 

Your To~Do List for today 

1.  Count your blessings 

2. Say Thank you to yourself  

3. Look up and smile 

4. Stop everything and take 3 deep, relaxing breaths 

5. Shake it out! Stand up and shake your hands, arms, hips and legs 

6. Pause and think a happy thought (the scent of your favourite flower, the vision of a Rainbow, the sound of children squealing with laughter) 

Repeat every 2 hours or more as needed. 

Remember, Your Wish is Your Command. Make your life great moment by moment. #HappilyEverNOW 💃 

Sending love and hugs, 
Cynthia 💖 1.305.389.1887  
💖 CynthiaSegal.com 💖

Your Cells are as Happy as YOU! 

Happily Ever NOW ~ why do I say that all time? Because I know that every thought and every feeling I have is feeding my cells. And Happy Cells make a Happy Body. 

Here is another priceless tip ~ only YOU can make you happy! 

That's right! In each moment you get to choose how you want to feel ... nope, you can't blame it on anyone else or any circumstance. 

When I get that new job I will be happy ... when he changes I will be happy ... when when when ... Why not RIGHT NOW? Why not choose right now to be happy? 

Laugh out loud, tell yourself a funny joke, remember a happy memory, imagine eating your favourite food. There are countless ways to make yourself happy right now. 

and the best part?  YOU get to choose when you will be happy ~ why not choose NOW or NOW or NOW :) 

What will you do to make you happy NOW? Send me an email and I'll share your ideas in my next email. 

Happily Ever NOW ~ because there is only now ... 

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Now we're having fun! 

The Power of NOW 

In the beauty of this moment all things are possible.

The trees are more vibrant, your love is stronger, my heart more calm and content.

Ah, to remain in the moment, living in now. How wonderful life becomes!

How to get there? Practice this breath ... gently in, gently out. This breath will bring you back to now, back to peace, back to calm and back to the power of now.

The magic of life happens in the now moment. Look for it, expect it and express gratitude when you find it ❤️

Sending love and light,
Cynthia ❤️ 

Humanities Ability to Grow and Change 

One of the things I love about humanity is our ability to grow and transform to a higher and better version of ourselves. 

Some may choose not to follow this path while others may lack the skills or education or direction to do so. Some are self-motivated and through a great desire are able to lift themselves while others require accountability for motivation. 

Compassion is one of the key components in this growth. The ability to love oneself through failure, the strength to see success when all around you reality is screaming 'not this way'. 

Who succeeds? Who grows? Who will you let change? 

It all comes back to me. Will I allow myself to see you as a better version of you? To do this I must embody the knowing that I can transform, whether I choose this path for myself or not I must cultivate the willingness to allow others to grow and change. 

Limiting myself restricts my ability to grow and more ultimately limits my view of others. 

You cannot see a peaceful world if peace is not growing within your heart. 

You cannot see a successful, loving world if success and love are met with fear within you. 

Allow yourself to gently love you. 

This is always the first step to growth or transformation of any meaningful and long lasting new creation of you. 

Love You first <3 

Repeat after me: I love me, I love me, I love me, I love me ... 

10 minutes a day is a great start to a new you :)

Happily Ever Now ! 

The most amazing moment you will ever have is when you discover who is responsible for your happiness. Want to know now? 
It's You!  
That 's right, the only person responsible for your happiness is you. No one can make you happy, or sad for that matter! Only you can choose how you will be in any moment. 
Interesting isn't it? 
Does that statement make you happy or sad or are you pondering the power of the truth of that? 

When you truly understand that only you can make you happy or sad a whole world of wonderful experiences opens up to you! 

You get to "choose " how you will experience each moment of your day. I find that very exciting because I know that in each moment I am responsible for what I choose to experience. 


If you were the happiest girl in the whole world what would that look like?  

Like my Mother used to say, "You have to have a dream to make it come true!" 

Have you defined your "happy " life? Have you spent time dreaming or visioning what that looks like? Do you have pictures in your mind or on your vision board that you dream with? 

What would you feel like? Where would you be? Who are your friends? What do you experience each day? 

Spend time, several times a day, imagining and dreaming and thinking and talking about what you want your life to be ~ the more details the better. The more passion the better! 

Steer your thoughts all day long by asking yourself, "What is it I DO want?" 

Smile and laugh now, create yourself to be happy now as you dream of better times. Enjoy each now moment and you will find yourself attracting better and better now moments!  

Here is your mantra "I am Happily Ever Now!"

The Joy of this moment 

This moment, is where all the action is, right here, right now.
Stay here and you'll see magic! I promise.

I'm a Psychic, I know these things :)
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