Awaken Your Inner Healer
  • Awaken Your Inner Healer
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This fascinating and easy to follow recording provides all the answers to your questions about Energy Healing. Part 1 Learn what Energy Healing is How to awaken your Inner Healer Why heal yourself and others Part 2 Practical exercises to open your energy flow Clear directions on how to heal yourself and others ~ people and pets! Different methods of moving Healing Energy Techniques to heal someone in front of you or on the other side of the planet, called Long Distance Healing Part 3 The one thing you must NEVER do as an Energy Healer Energy Healing problems and how to identify them and correct them. How to become a professional Energy Healer.

"Cynthia's perceptiveness absolutely freaked me out! She went directly to my heart and right leg. I didn't tell her that a few months ago I had heart bypass surgery and they used a vein from my right leg." Dr. Lederman, Florida

"I m no longer wearing my knee brace and the pain is gone" Carl, Ft. Lauderdale

"An unusual process which immediately gets to a person's physical or mental problems and provides a simple method of cure. Cynthia is a special person with unique sensitivity and great joy and love." Peter G., Florida

Thank you for your long distance healing of Corky. We are elated that he is home from the animal hospital, eating solid food, walking on his (previously painful) paw and once again being a happy puppy. C. Harrison, Tampa

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