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Remote Viewing is the Psychic Skill that allows you to 'visit' other locations without leaving your chair.

You will be able to 'see' what is going on at the location you choose to visit. You will also be able to 'feel' the climate and 'smell' what the air smells like over there.

Do you need to 'see' if your child is okay? Your Mother or your husband? How would you feel knowing that they are alright? Check how the the food is at the restaurant you are going to? Do you miss the scent of your favorite flowers, Lilacs perhaps?

This 5 month course includes; 2 private sessions per month, personalized home work to speed your Mastery and real time remote viewing exercises. Use this skill to confidence and security!

Also available through 5 easy payments of $550 ~ call 1.305.389.1887 to register.

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