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99% of repeating patterns in your this lifetime come from a past life or many past life psychic scars.

A psychic scar or subscara is created by a horrific event; life times of physical abuse for example.

These can be easily released by revisiting the past life or lives, letting go of the dark energy, forgiving yourself and others and then filling that hole with light ?

Continuous introspection or discussion of these patterns to achieve freedom from them is like putting a bandaid over a bullet wound ~ you still have to get rid of the bullet!

You are an INFINITE BEING OF LIGHT that has devolved to your current state of thinking that you are only human because of your past life psychic scars clinging to and blocking your brilliance and you can easily regain your magnificence by releasing your past life psychic scars.

I call this process subscara clearing.

When you can release the incorrect judgments or stories that your mind is telling you, even for a moment, then we can begin your journey back to the light!

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