One Hour Session in Person
  • One Hour Session in Person
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Have Questions? Cynthia Segal, one of the world's Top Psychics has your divine answers. Whether you're looking for Relationship Guidance, Business and Money Solutions, Health clarity or Everyday answers, your guardian angel, Cynthia Segal, will give you the answers your Spirit is looking for.

"The best hour I have ever spent on myself. The feeling of power and balance (from within) is great!" Diane Algonac, Michigan

"I received so much good info and I love how your examples had elements of things that I experienced recently which you couldn't possibly know. Or could you :)" Samantha, Georgia

"Thank you for all you taught me in the sessions - so I can feel and see and hear better ... and for giving me some great tools and teachings and practices to better my life. You make a great life easy to acheive. I am so grateful I have met you, you are AN INSPIRATION AND MAGIC SPARK TO ALL OF US." Jasmine, Ukraine

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