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Communication with our Dearly Departed people and pets is an essential piece of YOUR life on Earth. Your departed are here to guide you through all trials. They have chosen to be your 'advisers' , to supply 'insightful' information and answer your questions. Most of all, they are sharing pure love with you!

If you don't learn how to 'hear' and communicate with them, they will leave. People and pets...

It could take you years to master this essential Psychic Skill.

Cynthia has created a 5 month course to do just that ~ to guide you through all the steps to Master communication with your dearly departed and even help others receive messages from their family and pets.

This 5 month course includes; 2 private sessions per month, personalized home work to speed your Mastery and real time communication with your dearly departed. You will be thrilled to 'feel' their love energy and you will know what you are 'hearing' is true!

Also available through 5 easy payments of $550 ~ call 1.305.389.1887 to register.

"I am thrilled to be in communication with my Mother. I missed her SO much. Cynthia's guidance taught me what would have taken years to figure out into 5 months. " Gillian

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