Your To~Do List for Everyday

Your To~Do List for today 

1.  Count your blessings 

2. Say Thank you to yourself  

3. Look up and smile 

4. Stop everything and take 3 deep, relaxing breaths 

5. Shake it out! Stand up…


Your Cells are as Happy as YOU!

Happily Ever NOW ~ why do I say that all time? Because I know that every thought and every feeling I have is feeding my cells. And Happy Cells make a Happy Body. 

Here is another priceless tip ~…

The Power of NOW

In the beauty of this moment all things are possible.

The trees are more vibrant, your love is stronger, my heart more calm and content.

Ah, to remain in the moment, living in now. How wonderful life becomes!

How to…

Humanities Ability to Grow and Change

One of the things I love about humanity is our ability to grow and transform to a higher and better version of ourselves. 

Some may choose not to follow this path while others may lack the skills or education…


Love Yourself First

"Love yourself first and you'll find an endless fountain of love to share." Cynthia Segal


Happily Ever Now !

The most amazing moment you will ever have is when you discover who is responsible for your happiness. Want to know now? 
It's You!  
That 's right, the only person responsible for your happiness is you. No one can make…


Why are You SO awesome?

God has already judged you and She found you to be PERFECT!  

Stop waiting for a second opinion and just go with it :)


The Joy of this moment

This moment, is where all the action is, right here, right now.
Stay here and you'll see magic! I promise.

I'm a Psychic, I know these things :)